Apr 2012

New Content Alert!

The Rifle Section of the Sight Picture page is no longer under construction.

I had to go a little graphic heavy in order to fully explain the why of holds inside the zero distance. Cruise on by the Sight Picture page and check it out.

I also fixed the “Contact-Us” link on the “Other Content” page. It sends you to the email form instead of the “Thank You” page.


I’d like to extend a big Gun Jutsu thanks to “OldCannon” on the TexasCHLforum.


It’s nice when people share a link back to us. Thanks for spreading the word “OldCannon.”

Contest Winner!

Congratulations Allison.
She corrected six errors on the site and has chosen a coffee mug as her prize.

The contest may be over but I still welcome all corrections to the web site. There is nothing more discouraging than catching a spelling error as I periodically read through pages on the site. Just today I saw week instead of weak. It makes me crazy that things like that slip through.

Today I’m working on some error correction and content development. A little later, I’ll be working on the script for the next podcast. I haven’t fully settled on the topic yet, so any suggestions are welcome. Just click here to send me a message.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since the last podcast. I used to get frustrated with podcasts, that I enjoy listening to, when there was a long time between episodes. Well, now I understand why. Life gets in the way sometimes.