Weapon Skills and Drills


In the Art of Gun Jutsu, dry drills are the Kata of the gun. The key to weapons mastery lies in developing good weapons manipulation skills. Dry fire drills are the most effective way to perfect and improve your skills.

There are many techniques for any of the following skills. These are only the ways that we perform them. If you have a technique that is different than ours, head on over to the forum and submit a post. If it works for you stay with it. All that really matters is your familiarity with the weapon and the ability to perform the following actions smoothly.

You will need the following equipment:
Cleared Weapon
Empty Magazines
Magazine pouches or carriers
Dummy Rounds (Brass Dummies are preferred)

++++Always Confirm That Your Weapon is Clear Before Performing These Drills!++++

For safety, keep all loaded magazines stored in a location where they cannot be mixed with the magazines you use to perform the following exercises.

After performing all safety checks, put on your gear and set up your training area for convenience.

When I practice my magazine changes I place a towel on my bed or table. In this way I protect the platform from dirt and dents. It also minimizes bounce as the magazine falls to the platform.

I then perform my drills over the platform. This keeps me from having to bend over too much and makes my training a little more enjoyable.


We don't currently offer training but, we know some folks who do.

Don is a Retired Green Beret over at:

Rodney and Brian are Law Enforcement Officers over at:

If you're a writer and you need a reference page, check out TactQuill.com.
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