Training Techniques

It is important to remember that you are training as a Martial Artist. Development and maintenance of firearms skills should have as much structure as your physical fitness plan. Unlike physical fitness it is a bit more difficult to establish goals with your weapon skills. In this case it is important to set a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Understandingly, daily life will get in the way of this program just as it gets in the way of everything else. But think of this as personal time and guard against losing it.

The generally accepted period of time it takes to master a skill is 10,000 hours. Or about ten years of dedicated practice.

Rome wasn't built in a day!
The idea is to contribute a little of your time, or as much as possible, every day. The time will pass anyway. You can decide to spend it in acquiring skills or complaining that you never have enough time. Start with developing a plan that will support the mastery of your art.

The Number 1 problem most shooters have is poor weapons handling skills. That point can't be emphasized enough! Just 10 minutes a day every day will solve this problem. Dry Drills can be done for FREE!

Master Basic Drills.

Live Drills are great but they need to support your plan. Ammunition is expensive. You should get the most out of every round you fire. The only difference between you and a world-class shooter is mastery of basic Pistol and Rifle skills, the fundamentals of shooting and corporate sponsorship! Hit the range with a plan.

Training Phases:
This section will discuss progression in skills. How to build to the next level.

Coaching Techniques:
Pointers on how to coach.

Finding a Coach:
We all need a coach/teacher. But why is it so expensive.

Sample Plan:
A schedule for on and off range skills development.

Dominant Eye:
Are you having difficulty with your shot placement? Confirm your dominant eye.

One final bit of advice: RELAX!
Your training should be enjoyable, if not fun. If you don't enjoy it and look forward to it, you will not gain as much from your time investment. Which of the following shooters will get the most value out of a 30 minute weekly investment?

Shooter A
Spends 30 minutes on Friday. He performs 10 repetitions of each of the recommended dry drills. He sees it as drudgery but important enough to do once a week.

Shooter B
Spends 6 minutes a day on weekdays. He puts on some music and performs each drill at least once. If he has a problem with a drill he repeats it twice more until he's happy with his performance.

The answer: Shooter B. He is relaxed in his approach. He moves past drills he is confident and happy with. He self critiques his performance and self corrects. And, most importantly, he handles his weapon daily!

Daily Drills

    Why drill daily?

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