New Content Alert!

The Rifle Section of the Sight Picture page is no longer under construction.

I had to go a little graphic heavy in order to fully explain the why of holds inside the zero distance. Cruise on by the Sight Picture page and check it out.

I also fixed the “Contact-Us” link on the “Other Content” page. It sends you to the email form instead of the “Thank You” page.


I’d like to extend a big Gun Jutsu thanks to “OldCannon” on the TexasCHLforum.

It’s nice when people share a link back to us. Thanks for spreading the word “OldCannon.”

Contest Winner!

Congratulations Allison.
She corrected six errors on the site and has chosen a coffee mug as her prize.

The contest may be over but I still welcome all corrections to the web site. There is nothing more discouraging than catching a spelling error as I periodically read through pages on the site. Just today I saw week instead of weak. It makes me crazy that things like that slip through.

Today I’m working on some error correction and content development. A little later, I’ll be working on the script for the next podcast. I haven’t fully settled on the topic yet, so any suggestions are welcome. Just click here to send me a message.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since the last podcast. I used to get frustrated with podcasts, that I enjoy listening to, when there was a long time between episodes. Well, now I understand why. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Gun Jutsu Contest

The First Gun Jutsu contest is to help proof the web site. One set of eyes is good, more is better.

Check out the contest rules, and good luck

Site Update

Great news!
I finally figured out the Blog/rss feed problem. Now you will get all the Gun Jutsu updates in your rss feed. This will include my blog posts, notifications of new site content and podcasts.

Thanks again for your patience through this necessary growth phase. I can now devote more of my time and effort on new content and less on web site maintenance.