Sample Training Plan

A good training plan will address as many aspects of the fundamentals as possible. This is only a sample and in no way guarantees mastery. Each individual will progress at different speeds and will need to concentrate on different aspects of The Art.

Dry Drill Weekly Plan

Monday: Pistol

3 to 4 Drill - 10 reps slow
Draw Drill - 10 reps slow
Emergency Reload - 10 reps
Tactical Reload - 10 reps

Tuesday: Pistol

Double Feed Clearance - 10 reps
Tap / Rack - 10 reps
Draw Drill - 10 reps
Tactical Reload - 10 reps

Wednesday: Rifle

Deliberate Load - 10 reps
Emergency Reload - 10 reps
Tactical Reload - 10 reps
Up Drill - 10 reps

Thursday: Rifle

Misfire - 10 reps
Double Feed Clearance - 10 reps
Transition Drill - 10 reps
Tactical Reload - 10 reps

Friday: Shooters Choice

Pick 4 drills you've identified as needing work.

Enjoy the Weekend

You've earned it.

Live Fire Ammo Plan

Remember the idea is to get the most value out of every round. If possible go with a buddy and coach each other.

If firing with a buddy/coach, fire on a command. This will force you to concentrate on what you are doing and will remove the temptation to burn through your ammunition.

If you are firing alone, take your time. Set out a series of firing tables and stay with it. Practice Firing Discipline!

Drills: Pistol

3 to 4 Drill - 2 mags
Draw - 2 mags
Mag Change Drill - 2 mags
Reset Drill - 2 mags
Rhythm Drill - 2 mags
3 to 4 for speed - 2 mags
Draw for speed - 2 mags

Drills: Rifle

Up Drill - 1 mag
Emergency Reload - 1 mag
Transition Drill - 1 mag
Reset Drill - 1 mag
Rhythm Drill - mag
Up Drill for speed - 1 mag

Training Rules

Have Fun
Self Critique
If the Shot Group is Tight, Speed Up!
If the Shot Group is lose, Slow Down!
Don't worry about misses, fix the next shot. You can't do anything about the last one.

Daily Drills

    Why drill daily?

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