Pistol Drills


These drills are common to all semi-automatic pistols, regardless of type.

Some sub-compacts may not have features that are standard in a large frame pistol, such as a slide release.

The configuration of your pistol may favor one technique over another. It is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Regardless of the techniques you employ to accomplish reloads or the draw the building process to pistol proficiency works by building skills in the following order:

1. Accuracy
This is proficiency with the pistol at full presentation. It includes all of the fundamentals.

2. Presentation
Proficiency in the 3 to 4 maneuver. Presentation builds on basic accuracy and is incorporated in every following skill. The draw, and all reloads that involve engaging the target build off presentation.

3. Auxiliary Skills
These are any skills or techniques that you may need to employ in either competition or combat. These skills all build on the shooter's ability to present and accurately engage the target.

3 to 4 Drill
This drill forms the base for all pistol firing. All pistol drills, advanced or basic, use this movement.

The Draw
Getting out of the holster is an important skill whether it be concealed or tactical. The Draw should be practiced regularly.
Emergency Reload
The shooter decides when the engagement is over, Not the Gun! Getting the pistol back in action.
Tactical Reload
When time and cover permit, plus up the pistol with a Tactical Reload.

Misfires and Stovepipes
Misfires and Stovepipes are fairly common pistol malfunctions. Rack and Go.
Double Feed
Double feeds are a rare occurance with the pistol, however, they do happen. Two quick methods of clearance.

Drills & Skills


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