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Just as dry fire and weapons manipulation drills are the Kata of the gun. Live fire training is where we learn to strike. And, as outlined in the training phases area, there must be an ordered progression in acquiring live fire skills.

The following firing tables are primarily focused on the shooting fundamentals and the weapons handling skills set out in the weapon skills section.

The firing tables cover: the skills that are reinforced by the drill, instruction highlights, and how a range master calls the drill. Distances and targets are variable by skill level. In our examples we are assuming a moderate skill level.

Please review Firing Positions and The Draw if the terminology is strange to you.

Click here to see our suggested Target set up.

Pistol Section:
Pistol 1: Pistol Fundamentals
Reinforcing Accuracy.

Pistol 2: The 3 to 4 Drill
The most important application of pistol fundamentals; it all happens here between 3 and 4.

Pistol 3: The Draw
After working on Firing Table 2, It's time to work out of the holster.

Pistol 4: Magazine Changes
A complex exercise that reinforces both Emergency and Tactical magazine changes.

Pistol 5: Trigger Reset
Cementing follow through, sight picture and trigger control together in preparation for multiple round engagements.

Rifle Section:
Rifle 1: Up Drills
Fundamentals of rifle engagements.

Rifle 2: Trigger Reset
What's good for the pistol is good for the rifle.

Rifle 3: Reloads
Like Table 4, a complex exercise which ties together tactical and emergency magazine changes.

Rifle 4: Transitions
Another complex drill which ties together pistol and rifle skills.

This is by no means a full list of drills. But, advanced skills hinge on the fundamental shooting skills outlined here.

Drills & Skills


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