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There is some debate whether novice shooters should start with Point or Sighted shooting. We will cover this in depth in an upcoming article and podcast. For now:
  • Point shooting is based on a gross sight picture.
  • Sighted shooting is a refined sight picture.

By learning the refined sight picture first, your subconscious is automatically equipped with gross aiming strategies.

Everything starts with the sights. Knowing what is right and programming the subconscious to recognize it is the most important thing a novice shooter can do.

Simply put, the bullet is going to hit where the sights are pointed.
When the front sight post is level and centered in the rear aperture your sight are aligned properly. Most accuracy problems can be found in the shooter and their mechanics.

If you are a coach helping someone with their accuracy problems check out the algorithm below.

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Here is a simple algorithm to find a shooters problem.
1. Ask your shooter to draw a picture of proper sight alignment.

2. Check for eye dominance. There is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour fixing grip and trigger pull to find out your right-handed shooter is left eye dominant.

3. Test fire their weapon. Everything is OK with their sights and eye dominance? Time to watch them shoot. Using target analysis to diagnose accuracy problems can point you in the right direction but to truly find where the problems are; you must watch the shooter.

4. Check the way the shooter grips the weapon. Improper follow through caused by poor grip can through off the shot group in a consistent manner.

5. Watch their trigger pull. Jerking or slapping always throws off the shot.

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